Unique Valentines

Are you giving Valentines out this February? I miss the days when we decorated our little boxes and passed out cards and treats to classmates. I want to do something fun and unexpected this year and here is what I am thinking. Maybe these ideas will appeal to you as well!

1. The Best Things Come In Small Packages

Aren’t these miniature, handmade letters and packages just adorable?! There are several ways to customize your parcel and they even include a tiny magnifying glass. I have sent these to my mom and a friend and they are just as darling in real life.

2. Put a Bounce In Someone’s Step

These Send-a-Balls are hysterical! They come in the mail just as is, with no packaging or anything. Imagine checking the mail and finding a ball in your mailbox! I discovered some coupon codes too.

3. Something Sweet

You cannot go wrong with these cupcake boxes from my two favorite bakeries, Sprinkles and Magnolia Bakery. Chose between the XOX or Love Notes Box. Decisions, decisions…

4. The Apple of My Eye

{you’re so sweet naturally}

{we make the perfect pear}

{orange you glad you’re my valentine}

{you’re the apple of my eye}

{i’m going bananas over you}

I am digging these clever DIY Valentines by Twig and Thistle. Just buy the stickers and slap’em on some fruit. Easy peasy.

And now thanks to Pinterest, I want to host a Valentine Breakfast Party. Speaking of Pinterest, feel free to follow me too.

Any plans for Valentine’s Day? If so, do tell!


  • These are such great valentine ideas!

    • Nicole

      Thanks Sara! I appreciate the love!

  • Those cupcakes are fabulous! Thanks for commenting on my 80’s fashion post. I don’t know what was more fun, the party or actually seeing everyone’s crazy outfits!

    • Nicole

      Haha there is nothing better than an 80’s party and the outfits are the best part 🙂

  • mike i make

    great blog…i follow you…

    • Nicole

      Thanks doll! Welcome! I follow you now too.

  • oh I love Valentine’s Day. I love to make a big deal out of it. I wrote a post on my blog about it if you’d like to take a read.

    Wish I could visit Chicago

    love from South Africa


    • Nicole

      Leanne, thank you so much for stopping by! I will be sure to check you out 🙂