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Yoga Plus Chicago

Do you guys workout? If so, how often? What do you do? When do you do it? I have always wondered this about others. Hence why it is one of the initial questions I included in my Work Smarter, Not Harder series.

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I have struggled with motivation until recently. For me, I realize it needs to be FUN. Running on a treadmill does not get me pumped. I have mentioned Class Pass numerous times (seriously obsessed!) but another outlet I recently explored is Yoga + (pronounced Yoga Plus). Have you heard of it?! It’s basically Yoga + Socializing + Party. Win, win and win.

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can you find me in the back?

Yoga + combines yoga with unique and exciting experiences all over Chicago. For example, a few chatarangas and downward dogs at Sepia (an upscale restaurant) – followed by a homemade pasta tutorial with Chef Charles Welch. Ummmmmm…if that doesn’t deserve the biggest namaste known to yogis, I don’t know what does. The class takes place at the actual location too. So yes, in this example, your child’s pose could be next to a bar or hostess table. But of course, each place is shut down for the private event and turned into an amazing pop up studio. They’ve also hosted a tour at the famous office, Trunk Club and an Owen and Alchemy Saturday night detox.

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I recently attended their Mane event, a hair salon in the West Loop. After a nice sweat sesh (these classes are no joke!) , the stylists showed us three cute post work out hairstyles. Which take us from the gym to cocktails in a flash. So much fun right?! And naturally we stayed hydrated with mimosas and nibbles. They even go as far as including the playlist for every experience on their website too. Genius.

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I know it may seem counter productive to drink/eat after a work out class, but the point is it’s fun and your mixing business with pleasure. You actually look forward to sweating!

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Some of their upcoming classes (which are soo cool!) are as follows:

  • Yoga + Beginner Calligraphy Class
  • Yoga + Anthropologie Visual Display Crafting (doesn’t this seem AWESOME?!)
  • Yoga + Essential Oils 101
  • Yoga + Wine Tasting
  • Yoga + Watercolor Basics
  • Yoga + Floral Arrangements


P.S. I know it’s not glamorous but I wanted to also share my favorite post workout outfit – no showering involved. Given the Arctic tundra in Chicago, I usually throw on a sweater over my gear, which makes me look more presentable for running errands or grabbing a coffee afterwards. Santa got me this sweater for Christmas and get this – it’s reversible! Yay for two outfits in one! And I can’t get through the slush without my trusty Hunters. Hence all the salt stains.


So what about you guys? How do you stay motivated for getting physical. I need all the help I can get in preparation for my upcoming trip to Nantucket this summer. Aka swimsuit season. Eeeeeeek!

Natalie and Andrea {AKA the founding sister of Yoga + who are the cutest duo ever} thank you so much for having me in to experience Yoga + first hand. I cannot wait to come back!

And P.S. Don’t forget Shopbop is having their HUGE sale right now which is for a limited time only. Their active wear is amazing. A great opportunity to stock up on Adidas, cute kicks and chic gym totes.

Photo credit: Dolly Avenue and Arin

  • Nantucket is my next destination!

    Spring Yoga & Fitness in North Center is my favorite. Like yourself, I was not motivated by treadmills or ellipticals. This places offers all types of yoga, barre, TRX, kettlebells, etc. Honestly, it is perfect for everyone. Did I mention affordable? I started off with a Groupon and have now switched to a contract (unlimited classes per month), even ended my gym membership. To yoga!

  • Would love to join you some time. This sounds so fun! Also, love your lovely pinsweater!

  • I normally stick to Bar Method and running, but ClassPass (finally) landed in Kansas City, so I’ve been trying out a few new things! I went hard three days in a row and now I can barely lift my leg to put jeans on haha. This sounds like so much fun. I’ve been trying to make my workouts more social so that I can kill two birds with one stone and this is a brilliant idea!

  • Yay! I know this is an older post, but so excited to see Yoga + mentioned. They are fabulous and motivated women. I love anything that inspires someone to give yoga a go! Glad to have found your blog through Windy City bloggers Nicole! Might need your consulting services sometime in the near future : )