Everybody’s working for the weekend!

And it’s finally here! Oh, and it’s my birthday. Whoop, whoop! Tonight we are checking out Lost Lake and Scofflaw to kick off my 31 years of age. I hope to make it to midnight for the complimentary chocolate chip cookies – yes, Scofflaw does that. What about you guys?

You know the drill – hot topics of conversation and my favorite world wide web roundups below. TGIF ladies!

In case you missed it…

  • Lindsey Burton

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICOLE! (Said by your loving cousin who realizes she has commented on your blog every day this week – whoops!). Have such a great day! <3

    • I LOVE that you comment every day. It just wouldn’t be the same around these parts without you Linds!

  • Mrs g

    Your eBay-ing…yay!!!

    • Mrs g

      You’re so I don’t get in trouble by the grammar police.