Your Personal Guide to Spring!

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We’ve reset our clocks and it’s officially Spring in 5 days.

Can I get a whoop! whoop! in the hiz-ouse?!

I’m all about enjoying life in the present moment. But this doesn’t always come easy does it? No siree Bob! You’ve got make a conscious effort to make it happen. The good news? It’s easy and anyone can do it.

One thing I’ve realized in my wise age (just turned 33 ladies!), it’s the tiny touches we add to our everyday that make us happy. Maybe it’s lighting a candle at night, playing jazz music while you cook or a perfectly placed lemon slice in your water. If you do it daily, make it beautiful!

Which is why I’m elated to introduce you to the Cedar & Rush Spring Style Guide! It’s filled with seasonal tips and tricks to help style your life. Most have been passed down from my mom and grandmother. Not only are these tidbits easy, but they’re affordable and quick. I’m so happy to start off this seasonal magazine in Spring – symbolic of fresh starts and clean slates. And yes, there will be a Summer, Fall and Winter one too!

Lastly, the C&R Style Guide sets the tone for what’s to come on the blog each season. I’ll be expanding on the topics included and of course, share the details my looks. So be sure to come back for your weekly dose of style.

Thanks as always friends for your support and love. Making people happy is what makes me happy 🙂

If you have any suggestions on how I can make it better, please don’t be shy! And if you incorporate these suggestions into your own life, I’d love to hear! Or if you have a few of your own, it’s your citizen duty to share the wealth.

Happy Spring my friends! Cheers to always looking on the bright side and at life through rose colored glasses.


  • love love love this! i’m in the middle of creating one, too! I want all of the spring things!

    • Thank you Arin!! So excited to create some pretty fun Spring content with you!

  • LOVE THIS! Seriously fantastic job!!! What a great, special meaning with the Hermes scarf! Now, you must share what jeans those are – I need! xxx, Nikki

  • Nicole this is great, I always love your style tips! You are so darn creative, I really love this! Also, this snow needs to go away so we can plan a tennis date!! Hope you are doing well!

    xo, Sarah

  • I’m so impressed with your spring guide! I love all the little tips and your photos are gorgeous!

    Caitlin |

  • Who are you??? How did you do this? Teach me your ways! Love all the tips and trends you rounded up lady! xx

  • I am so impressed Nicole! LOVE your personal style guide and all the pretty pictures. It is so darn cute that you might just have to start your own online magazine. Hope to see you soon lady! xo