How To Look Classy No Matter What You’re Wearing

Outfit Details: Pearl Earrings c/o Crown Jewelry || Striped Dress c/o Shein
Sunglasses c/o Shopbop || Halogen Panama Hat (it fits any sized head thanks to the handy, dandy adjustable tie) || ring c/o Gorjana || cuff c/o Gorjana


You know. No matter how hard we try, sometimes it’s just impossible to look perfectly put together. Let alone, IF we have the time.

But there’s one little thing I swear by that makes any outfit a bit more polished. Earrings. And I’d go down in a burning building before leaving without them.

Gold studs are my usual go to, but my newest obsession? Pearl earrings.

I know. Nothing Earth shattering. But do you guys own a pair?

They are soooooo MAGICAL guys. So magical, I’m mad at myself for not purchasing a pair years ago. You get that finishing touch without even trying. That goes for yoga pants too ladies!


I’d been thinking about getting a pair for years, so when Crown Jewelry reached out to collaborate, I knew it was time to act on it. And now I get to report back to you guys all about it! So although I received my pair of pearls gratis, I want to prevent you from making the same mistake I did…

…spending your money towards trendy, less quality pieces versus the classic, forevers that go with everything.

I throw on my pearls for the gym, running errands, Skype calls, you name it. I just toss up my hair, makeup free and I’m walking around like I’ve got my stuff together.

They even make your night stand look pretty.


If you’re in the market, here are 2 helpful tips {I did a few hours of research before picking out mine}…


  1. I know Kate Spade, Tory Burch, Marc Jacobs and other well marketed brands can be a “go to” for jewelry. They have been for me! But your money goes SO MUCH further if you purchase from a true jewelry provider – meaning a company who’s expertise is solely jewelry. Versus a clothing company who added necklaces, rings and earrings to their designer brand. Sean and I took this approach for our wedding bands too!
  2. When purchasing, real, freshwater pearls, pay attention to the size {you only want to buy one pair right?!}. I specifically went with the 8.5 – 9 mm size to achieve this look! Noticeable, but classy. Crown Jewelry {where I got mine} has so many sizes too.


If you fancy mine, I noticed Crown Jewelry is having an awesome promotion! 50% off your first order if you sign up for their newsletter!!! Look in the bottom left hand corner of the website. But full disclosure… I’m not sure the exact stipulations (so don’t hate me if it doesn’t apply!). I just happened to notice it today and wanted to share. But if it does work, talk about a steal for something you’ll wear everyday, forever.


So tell me. Do you own pearl earrings? I think I may tell Sean a pair of diamonds are next 😉

P.S. Not ready for the real deal? Faux pearl earrings do the trick in the meantime! But I highly recommend biting the bullet {not buying any costume jewelry} and saving up for a real pair. You won’t regret it!




Pearl Earrings c/o Crown Jewelry || Striped Dress c/o Shein || Sunglasses c/o Shopbop
Halogen Panama Hat (it fits any sized head thanks to the handy, dandy adjustable tie) || ring c/o Gorjana || cuff c/o Gorjana

A special thank you to Crown Jewelry for partnering on this post! They’re easy to work with and have so many timeless pieces!


  • Pearl earrings really make such a huge difference! And I LOVE that you shot these with a remote! They turned out soooooo good!


    Ashley || Sed Bona

  • I just read Ashley’s comment…you shot these with a remote?!?! Girl, you must teach me your ways, these turned out so great!! And another amazing SheIn find, such a cute dress! Hope your summer is off to an amazing start Nicole!

    Heidi || Wishes & Reality

  • Such a cute post and love the photos!