Nordstrom Giveaway + Everything To Know: Anniversary Sale

Hi guys!

So I’m sure you’ve heard some rustlings about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Am I right?

Since it always sneaks up on me and I miss out on all the good stuff, I decided to get ahead of the game this year. And good news for you. I have all the details and dates so you can score big time.

So Why Shop The Anniversary Sale?

You get to shop the NEW fall and winter merchandise at a reduced price!

So if there’s ONE sale you should pay attention to, it’s THIS one. But once it’s over, everything goes up full price.

So by buying early, you….

  • Save a ton! Depending on what you get, you could easily save hundreds of dollars. Get 40% off and most I know especially LOVE stocking up on winter coats, Uggs and denim.
  • You can afford brands you normally can’t. For example maybe the famous, Lowland Stuart Weitzman boots will be included! EEEEEEEK.
  • You’ll look dynamite for Fall. There’s nothing like feeling prepared for that first chilly day. And when someone asks “where’d you get that?!” you’ll feel all warm in fuzzy knowing you bought it for a steal.

So seriously. Why wouldn’t you shop the best sale of the year?

FAQ and Important Dates
  • Is the sale Online or In Stores? Both!
  • Is Nordstrom Rack included? No. But wouldn’t that be nice? Last Chance isn’t included either. Le sigh!
  • When does it start?
    • Pre-Shop: Thursday, July 13th at 12:01 AM Pacific: The pre-sale goes live for Nordstrom Credit Card holders ONLY at midnight. So get ready card holders! Non-card holders, you can browse online, but you’ll have to wait until it opens to the public. If you are pre-shopping in store, each department has a curtained-off area filled just with the Anniversary Sale items. Lots of items completely sell out so there’s a real benefit to shopping early. You also don’t have to fight the crowds!
    • Public Access: Friday, July 21st: The sale opens toEVERYONE! But hurry. Things go in the blink of an eye. Sale ends August 6th and prices go up August 7th.
  • Is it too late to apply for the card? If you’re after Early Access, from what I’ve read, it is. Bah humbug. But maybe try and apply in store?
  • What’s on sale? You can get a sneak peek through their catalog here. But this is only a FRACTION of the ENTIRE sale! Luckily I have a bit of insider scoop too, so be sure to check back here Thursday morning. I’ll save you hours of time scouring the web and waiting in line by rounding up the best of the best.
  • Is everything on sale? No. The sale includes certain items, in limited batches. This is wonderful, so you’re not wearing the same thing as everyone else. The only caveat is, stuff goes fast.
  • Should I shop Online or In Store: The lines and crowds are chaotic in my opinion. So I prefer online. Plus if you don’t like anything once it arrives, it’s all returnable! BUT if you do prefer to shop in store, here’s a little secret. Make an appointment with a sales person now, provide them with your sizing, style, etc. and they’ll have pieces pulled in advance, ready for you to try on in the fitting room. This service is free and way less stressful!
  • What if I’m unsure about an item? Just buy it. Nordstrom’s return policy is so fantastic, you’ve got nothing to lose.
Hot Brands

Things go so quick, it’s important to be ready to pounce. And of course, all the good stuff goes first. Below are brands I’d pay special attention to this year because they are HOT, HOT, HOT! Fingers crossed they are all included.


So now for the BEST part! In honor of the sale, my gal pal Kelly and I are giving away a $50 Nordstrom E-Gift Card to one lucky lady. It takes one second to apply {no following a million people or doing complicated things}. It’s a pretty nice chunk of change  and you’ll get it by Thursday morning. But Hurry! The giveaway is closing soon.

Come Back Thursday!

Don’t forget to check back here Thursday morning – AKA the first day of the early access sale! Even if you don’t have access, you can see all the awesome stuff and get prepared. You’ll…

  • Find out if YOU’RE the winner of the GIVEAWAY (right here on the blog)
  • Save hours of time shopping the sale! I will be hitting the sale online at 12:01 AM and  sharing the best of the best. So all you’ll have to do is wake up, check in and happy shopping. Good bye lines! Good bye wasting hours online!
  • Know what items are trending. There are always a few items that seem to be highly coveted. I’ll be sure to highlight the “hot stuff”, so you can get them before they sell out. You’ll be 100% in the know.
  • Discover my #1 secret to getting something that’s sold out. Because it WILL happen. And I know how to make magic baby!
  • And another tip on how to save even more money from the sale. It’s reeeeeaaaaallly good and most people don’t know about it.