The Perfect Paris 2 Day Itinerary

2 day itinerary paris


Bonjour mi amours!

If want to experience Paris like a local and capture stunning photos along the way, this Paris 2 Day Itinerary is for you! 

AKA bookmark this like it’s your job.

Last month, I tagged along on Sean’s work trip to Paris and London. Which I’m SO thankful for because I’d never be able to go if I didn’t work for myself. While in France, my Parisian blogger friend, Victoria {a New Yorker who lives in Paris!}, showed me around for two days. I’ll NEVER forget roaming around the city like a true Parisian. And now YOU CAN TOO.

Below you’ll find Victoria’s impeccably planned itineraries. Feel free to just choose one or take bits and pieces. But the entire days are MONEY. Here’s why they’re so good…


  • You get a taste of everything. It’s the perfect mix of hidden gems, famous sights, eating, walking and drinking.
  • It’s effortless and zero hastle. Everything’s planned to the minute. Which is honestly priceless when you’re in a foreign country.
  • Saves you money and frustration. Each place is walkable to the next (even in December when it’s cold out!). You don’t have to figure out Ubers, trains, etc. Just get to the first spot and you’re set the rest of the day. Note – you’ll need to use Google Maps along the way!
  • Your Instagram feed will look baaaaller. Each location was carefully considered based on us looking as photogenic as possible. We are bloggers after all 😉 So to say our criteria is high, is an understatement.
  • And because each day is strategically planned, you pack a lot in a short amount of time. But not in a crazy way. So there’s plenty of time before and after to relax or do all the other things on your list – like the Louvre or the Eiffel Tower.


I also included me and Victoria’s dinner/drink suggestions, a fun day trip and the best spot to take photos of the Eiffel Tower!

Anything I’m missing? Chime in below with a comment!


 Le Palais Royal
Place Vendôme

2 day itinerary paris


Place Vendôme
 Le Village Royal


Paris Itinerary Day 1

Experience the heart of Paris. This ensures you’ll be done before the 5 PM weekday rush hour too!

11:30 AM – Lunch at Le Nemours
The Nicoise Salad will blow your mind.

12: 30 PM – Admire and take photos at Le Palais Royal
The famous art instillation. It’s right next door to the lunch spot above! The cool thing to do here is to take a Boomerang.

1:00 PM – Walk around Place Vendôme
The stores, Christmas trees and lights here are beautiful! But Christmas or not, it’s worth a look. Oh and don’t miss Louis Vuitton’s gold storefront. Mind blowing.

1:30 PM – End with a glass of champagne at Le Village Royal
A tiny, tucked away Parisian passageway, with darling stores. There’s even a Baby Christian Dior store. Who knew this existed? The best thing is people watching over a glass of bubbly at Le Village Paris 8 on the sidewalk!

3 PM – Pick up some macaroons to go from the famous Lauduree.
I picked up some macaroons for my mom as a thank you for watching Larry (our pup!). We went here in high school together and such a great memory!


camilles paris red cafe
2 day paris itinerary

Institut Historique Allemand

Galerie Perrotin


Paris Itinerary Day 2

This was my favorite day! The neighborhood is considered the equivalent of ‘Soho” in New York. A very trendy place for Parisians to live. I’d say it’s like the Gold Coast of Chicago. This is definitely a local hot spot and couldn’t get over how beautiful the streets and shops are. Embrace the surprises around every corner and feel free to get lost as long as you’d like!

10:45 AM – A quick espresso and croissant at Camille
24 Rue des Francs Bourgeois This is a typical French café and makes for a darling sidewalk cafe shot if you’d like one! All the red is as charming as it gets.

11:15 AM – A peek in the courtyard of Institut Historique Allemand
This tiny courtyard is so pretty and on the way to the next location.

11:30 AM – Stop at another beautiful courtyard of a very cool art gallery, Galerie Perrotin
This is considered the most famous modern art gallery in Paris. Obviously allow more time here if you want to go inside! The black iron balcony along the stairs makes for a fun picture too.



2 day itinerary paris merci

2 day itinerary paris
2 day itinerary paris

2 day itinerary paris

2 day itinerary paris
2 day itinerary paris


11:45 AM – A bit of shopping at Merci
A famous concept store with the Instagram famous red car entrance. I didn’t get to go inside (just not enough time), but be sure to go in! SO WISH I had time to poke around. A very trendy spot where you can shop, find some cool souvenirs and grab another coffee.

12:15 PM – Lunch at Fragments
A local hot spot, small and charming and oh SO GOOD! Be sure to get coffee here {it’s a specialty!}. And their avocado toast comes highly recommended. We met a friendly French man and his adorable well behaved dog, Peanut, here. People in Paris don’t leash their dogs and they’re allowed in restaurants. It’s kind of unbelievable how proper these Parisian dogs are! Note – It’s super small so if the wait’s too long, there is also Maison Plisson.

1:15 PM – Walk to Place Des Vosges
A 17th century park. Unreal.

1:30 PM – Break at Carette
A very old French tea house with pastries, macarons, sweets, crepes, etc. SO MAGICAL!!!! Recommend tea and atleast one macaroon! The desserts are like art.


Dinner & Drink Recommendations at Night





best place to take pictures of eiffel tower

Paris Flea Market

Although Sean worked most of the days, we got a weekend to ourselves! One of our favorite days was a trip to the Paris Flea Market. We did lunch at a tiny cafe called Cafe Restaurant Chez Arnaund. Every patron was drinking rosé! Literally everything you imagine people do in Paris – they were doing it here. Then we got lost in all the tiny booths and treasures. I bought my mom a 200 year old copper pot for Christmas. Everything’s old and beautiful and fun to browse, even if you don’t buy anything. Sean especially LOVED it too.

NOTE: There are a ton of “markets” within the Paris Flea Market. It’s HUGE. Some parts are scary and some parts VERY high end. So plan ahead to avoid some seedy areas. I can’t remember the name of the market we went to but it’s right by the restaurant mentioned above.


The Best Spot to Take a Photo of the Eiffel Tower

I learned this tip from my Uber driver! It sounds silly, but if you want to get a magical shot of the Eiffel Tower don’t actually go to the Eiffel Tower. Go to the Trocadero instead! Located a few blocks away on top of a hill, you get the most perfect view I’ve ever seen. My heart literally skipped a beat when I pulled up. You feel as if you’re right there. It’s pure Paris magic