How To: Organize Your Baubles

One of my toughest battles is knowing when to shut it off. I am constantly running around, attending events, blogging, tweeting, etc. Because of it, my organization at home suffers. But in the effort to get myself back on track, I recently worked with Ashley, from The Style Effect to restore some order in my life. And I haven’t felt better! Ashley went through my jewelry drawer with a fine tooth comb suggesting items I donate, throwaway, keep and fix. She also implemented techniques and items that are not only useful but will force me to stay orderly. It has shaved minutes off my getting ready routine, I can see all my baubles at once and now I have room for some new pieces. I feel like I got a whole new closet! Today I am taking you behind the scenes and giving you the good, the bad and the ugly. 


{so embarrassing!}



{this is the best time to deep clean your space}

{mesh organizers – keep like items together and maximize your space}
{a catchall for pieces you cannot immediately put away helps keep order}

{everything is out and the open – helps you identify what you need and don’t need for your collection}
{obsessed with these transparent organza bags Ashley suggested – keeps earring pairs together}

{clean and minimal}
To find out all the details, tips and tricks from my experience, you can get the full scoop right here! And if you are looking for a lending hand, be sure to give The Style Effect a call. Ashley is honest and amazing!
So what about you? How do you stay organized? Any thing you swear by? I’d love to know as I need some help!
Also, The Chicago Soho House opens officially to the public today. I am going to check it out with some girlfriends tonight. Have you been? I am SO excited and will be sure to report back.
  • Jessica

    Thank you for these honest before photos. Mine would look wayyy worse 😉 This is on my list of things to do for “fall cleaning!”

    • Nicole

      Haha – I so didn’t want to either! But figured I cannot be the only one. Makes for much better dramatic improvement too 🙂

  • I love those little bags- I’ve been using them for years! Where’s that mini bust from? It’s adorable and perfect for necklaces!!!

    • Nicole

      Katie – I must be completely out of the loop then! I wish I would have known about these years ago…life. savers. What else do you use?

  • Jennie

    OMG- I sooo need to organize my jewels!!! Great post! Thanks for the inspiration.


    • Nicole

      You know it!

  • Jennie

    Thank you for this tutorial! It’s great!