How To ‘Want’ To Workout

How To Want To Workout

Outfit Details: Nike Tennis Tank, Nike Tennis Skirt, Wilson Blade Tennis Racket, Karen Walker Sunglasses c/o, Apple Watch {I love how it tracks my daily activity!}, Pink Nike Sneakers, Ring Hero c/o



There was a time I could NOT get myself to move. Even walking our dog, Larry, was a chore. I’d say to myself “Okay Nicole. Today is the day you’ll go to the gym!”. But sure enough, 5 PM would roll around and I’d go straight from my desk, to the couch, to bed. Anyone else with me here?!

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Despite knowing all the benefits of physical activity, sometimes it’s STILL hard to feel motivated. I also I feel like the same tips are suggested time after time again…. …”buy cute, new work out clothes” or “post an image of what you want to look like on your bathroom mirror” or “get a work out buddy.” But I FINALLY did something that’s kept me motivated for 6 months straight. I’ve lost 8 pounds and now work out 3 times a week!


It’s so easy and fun you won’t believe it. But do believe me! All you have to do is sign up for one FUN activity that meets these 3 requirements:

  1. It needs to involve some level of moving around. And it doesn’t have to be hard or a even a workout class.
  2. Whatever you sign up for should be a low commitment but for an extended period of time. {ex. once a week for 6 weeks}
  3. You feel excited about it!

You’re probably saying to yourself, “that’s way too easy Nicole! No way I’ll lose weight this way.”  

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Here’s why this works. When we get on a health kick, {maybe after watching The Kardashians or flipping through Vogue} we get this little burst of ambition. We’re feeling good, we’re going to the gym, we buy healthy groceries. But after a week or two it’s over. So it’s important to do something you’re genuinely excited about, so you’ll push through the inevitable “I’m over” it period. This is what results in the LONG TERM commitment. For me, it was tennis lessons. My mom plays and I wanted to meet some new people too. My friend, Kelly, ended up joining me too. And the next thing I knew, we’d been going every week since January! We started out TERRIBLE. But it’s competitive, fun and you’re learning – so you’re not concentrating on how tired you are. And guess what? We’re joining the Fall travel league!


Now here’s where the magic kicks in. After a few months of tennis {without even trying}, I started feeling motivated to work out more. So signed up for an Orange Theory Class. I loved it so much, I signed up for a 2 month package! AND I just naturally started taking Larry for long walks, multiple times a day! Just because I want to. ***now this is important*** I know signing up for something you love sounds silly and simple. And sure! I could have signed up for Orange Theory BEFORE tennis. And yes, I could have taken Larry on long walks before signing up for lessons. But the whole point is, I DIDN’T. I didn’t WANT to do it, nor did I have any intention in doing these things. And I never would have taken action. Tennis was the catalyst. 


I know tennis isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, so I did all the hard work for you! I listed a TON of STELLAR ideas below. And they actually sound REALLY FUN. Note: Since most of my readership is in Chicago, I linked to places specifically in the Windy City. But if you live somewhere else, Google is your best friend. This list actually makes me want to sign up for something! How To Want To Work Out 14 FUN IDEAS TO TRY {AKA YOUR CATALYST}

  1. A photography class. Typically you’re walking around snapping photos of different places of different things. Don’t have a camera – BORROW one from a friend or family member. And it doesn’t need to be the BEST camera out there.
  2. Join a gardening class. Gardening is hard work! Plus how fun would it be to become a plant expert. Something that would come in handy for your home!
  3. Volunteer in a classroom or summer camp where you’re running around with kids, making crafts, etc.
  4. Create a Soul Cycle & boozy brunch club. This is actually one of my favorite things to do with friends but we don’t do it nearly enough. Every weekend, choose a work out class , then try a new brunch spot afterwards. Mimosas are encouraged! I know the food and alcohol sound contradictory. But think of it as you’re associating “fun” and “positive thoughts” with physical activity. And that’s the whole idea! The rest comes later.
  5. Golf. There’s nothing more fun than a day in the sun, in a golf cart with an ice cold Corona. Sean took me golfing for the first time last month (I couldn’t hit the ball worth a lick) and it was a blast. You could even start off with golf lessons at the driving range once a week. Love the 5 lessons for $99 included in the link above!
  6. Sailing LessonsThis looks SO awesome guys and actually pretty affordable!
  7. Get your SCUBA diving certificationI would LOVE to do this! My friend and her husband are into this and take diving trips to Florida in the winter.
  8. Volunteer to be a tour guide in your city. Or sign up for a walking tour guide once a week. This one is FREE!
  9. Beach volleyball. My friends and I used to do this every summer. It’s right on Lake Michigan and we’d go out for a drinks and food afterwards. Some of my fondest Chicago summer memories.
  10. Take up horse riding lessonsMy blogger friend Cait, who lives in San Fran does this!
  11. Bird watching.
  12. Clay pigeon shooting. I’ve always wanted to do this too and pretend I live on an English country estate.
  13. Have you secretly always wanted to be a wedding or event planner? Reach out to planners in your town and volunteer to help them in exchange for the experience! They are always running around.
  14. Buy a sky diving membership. This is nuts! Do it.

See what I mean? I promise, in no time you’ll catch “the bug”.   IT’S SO WORTH IT guys! Don’t ever under estimate the power of starting out small.  It’s these little actions that make a huge difference in the long run. If you’re struggling like I was, I really hope this helps you. It was quite frustrating for me. But this little tip has truly made me so much happier and be a better person.   SO TELL ME… How do you get out of a “not working out” rut? What do you like to do?

Outfit Details: Nike Tennis Tank, Nike Tennis Skirt, Wilson Blade Tennis Racket, Karen Walker Sunglasses c/o, Apple Watch {I love how it tracks my daily activity!}, Pink Nike Sneakers, Ring Hero c/o


  • Nicole you look like a professional tennis player and I’m so impressed that you’ve been playing for 6 months now! I am going to keep to take a few lessons before we play otherwise I’ll embarrass myself! Great job for getting motivated and getting into working out, you look amazing and strong!

    xo, Sarah

  • Love, love, love this! You are seriously too cute. I created my summer bucket list today and guess what’s at the top of it….skydiving…eek! Might need to snag that membership if I end up loving it 😉 Have you heard of Brunch x Burn? I’m going to their SoulCycle event on Sunday! Lastly, if you ever want to hit up the driving range with a mini cooler of adult beverages, I’m your girl. I have a set of clubs and have been itching to go!

    26 and Not Counting

  • I really struggle with workout motivation but I used to LOVE playing tennis in high school and college. I really should man up and find a court to play on!


    Ashley || Sed Bona

  • Emma Jones

    You totally look like a tennis pro! Way to go girl! I’ve been on a similar journey. I hated working out so I decided to splurge and get a membership at a cool gym I’d been wanting to try. The best part is it comes up with the routines for you and guides you through them, so all I have to do is show up and do what I’m told! It works so well for me because if I have to decide what to do, I usually do like five minutes of cardio and then give up haha! It’s helped so much, and I even kind of like working out now. Somedays.
    Thanks for sharing this inspiring post! I may have to take up tennis too, haha!

  • I’ve been doing walking meetings as much as possible in my office building’s little trail around the lake outside. It’s so nice!

  • Kelly Bonanno

    Tennis is a blast! Great exercise while using your mind and enjoying fresh air & sunshine. The cute outfits are a nice perk 😉 I have the same racquet, love the Blade.