4th of July Recap

Hi guys! Did you have the best long holiday weekend or what?

I felt like it was never going to end. In a good way of course. So what have you guys been up to lately? Here are a few highlights from the past two weeks! I can’t stop smiling because we’ve had the best Summer so far. Also, I feel like I can’t keep up with everything we do (and create all the content to go with it), so I hope you enjoy these snippets, complete with iPhone pics and all. P.S. Sean even made an appearance – he just looooooves the camera đŸ˜‰

Boating with friends. Thanks Kelly for having us! P.S. I’m wearing my favorite sweater from Nantucket.

elewa farm lake forest

Left: My mom and I took a French Country cooking class at Elawa Farm in Lake Forest. It’s one of those things I feel like people haven’t caught on to and it’s so good I don’t even want to tell a living sole. But I am! Our teacher was the accomplished Chef Gale Gand who used to have her own show on the Food Network and is a partner/chef at the famous, Michelin Star rated restaurant in Chicago, Tru. It was AMAAAAAAAZING. She even shared her cheese course tips she uses to train the Tru staff when serving their cheese cart. DIE.

Right: Spent a few days dog sitting at my parents. I secretly pretended I was on vacation. How cute is their patio?

Katie and I did the cuuuuuuuutest photoshoot. She’s so talented and we can’t WAIT to show you. I’m keeping this update short because I don’t want to give it away. Thanks for all you help Katie!

Left: Meet our friends for dinner at Gibson’s. They eat there every Friday! It’s tradition I get a French martini and we ended the night with their strawberry shortcake (you can only get it in the Summer!)

Right: We just got our deck repainted and we’ve been extending life to the outside on the regular. I love creating a little ambiance tray – cocktails, something to munch on and candlelight!

I’ve also been building up my vintage collection. I love mixing new and old. I found this silver shell for .99 at Good Will. And if you look closely you’ll spy my vintage Gucci matchbook – the newest addition to my collection. But that’s a whole other post in itself!

P.S. Mark & Graham sent me this monogrammed tray and plastic wine glasses. OBSESSED. Which you’ll see again below.

I just purchased this book and organized all our linens, sheets and towels. If you want to get excited about laundry, this book is UNBELIEVABLE. I threw out all the ripped, stained sheets and towels and folded them so pretty. I actually can’t believe how good it feels. keep popping in the closet just to look at it.

We hosted a last minute 4th of July BBQ yesterday! Sean made brisket and we grazed on a lovely cheese board and guacamole. My mom made a gorgeous homemade cherry pie. And ended the evening with an egg toss. Have you ever done one? I of course dropped the egg. Sorry Kelsey! {she was my partner}

Do you like how I served corn and the cob in a champagne bucket?!

Not pictured, but absolutely worth mentioning:

  • Sean and I went to the Tom Petty concert at Wrigley Field. Unforgettable. Thanks again Matt and Tom for the tix!
  • Our niece turned 3. She’s a firework baby (AKA born on Independence Day). Happy Birthday again Taylor!
  • I’m also doing in an Instagram campaign with Ralph Lauren this month! I’m sharing Summer inspired posts on my Instagram account and kicked it off with How to Eat An Oyster. Keep your eyes peeled for more!
  • Lastly I have 2 bridal showers this weekend and can’t wait to celebrate with my girlfriends.
  • Sean and I watched a GREAT movie last night – The Zoo Keeper’s Wife. We both agreed it’s the best movie we’ve seen in a really long time!

So talk about an event filled, action packed couple of weeks. I’m SO looking forward to getting my life organized and catching up these next few days. Is it really already Wednesday?

Anything fun you want to share? I love, love, love hearing from you guys. XOXO




  • I love Elawa Farm!!! I once went to a charity dinner there with Stephanie Izard and it was unforgettable. Would LOVE to attend a cooking class there- thanks for sharing!