Gray Malin Interview


Today is a treat ya’ll! My favorite fine art photographer, Gray Malin, graciously answered a few questions for us in honor of his newest publication – ESCAPE!

If you’re not familiar with Gray, he’s known for his whimsical photographs, especially his bird’s eye view of beaches taken from helicopters.

Last week Kelly and I went to his book signing at Smitten Boutique and scored a signed copy from the man himself. It’s already found a home on our new coffee table (which I’ll be sharing this week). It’s a GORGEOUS book and makes for a wonderful Christmas present.

But enough about me. Take it away Gray!



An Exclusive Interview  With Gray Malin

Gray, congratulations on your second book – Escape! What was the most challenging part about creating this publication? Thank you! It was a real pleasure putting this book together as it offered me the opportunity to to share a larger assortment of my work including categories like snow, surf, pools, parks and isles from over 22 countries. The most challenging part was probably picking between one image over another, as they all hold meaning for me.



How has your photography approach changed over the years? Through the years, I have constantly strived to push the boundaries as an artist as well as physically push myself to create work in new destinations throughout the world. I’m constantly inspired by my environment, so it’s a bit of an obsession to see as much as I can as I never know what might catch my attention. My photography has also evolved into a larger lifestyle brand which came about authentically. We have designed and developed product lines primarily for the home and for travel that push the boundaries of my photography, allowing people to experience the art form in new ways. Each product is a passion for me and I am proud of this evolution.

Not many people would take the leap from taking a photo from a balcony to renting a helicopter – especially when first starting out. How did you muster up the courage to invest in your creativity financially and do something drastic? Did people initially think you were crazy? Or is this in true Gray Malin fashion? The creation of my Á la Plage series began in in 2013 and has been an ongoing obsession, ever since. Prior to pursuing this idea, though I had already enjoyed some success via my series Prada Marfa, so it didn’t feel that much of a leap. Rather, I was excited to pursue this new idea!

Based on what I’ve read, you initiated the first conversation on several of your collaborations {ex. One Kings Lane and Sperry’s}. What’s your best tip for pitching to other brands – especially when first starting out? When you’re an entrepreneur, you are responsible for making things happen for yourself. It can be incredibly daunting but when you feel passionate about something, you just go after it with complete persistence. Sure, this requires confidence but it’s also a resourcefulness in that when one door closes, you simply find another one…then walk up and knock on it.

Who are you most proud to say owns a piece of your art? I am so happy to say that so many people own a piece of my artwork. I feel incredibly proud of each and every piece that’s come out of my studio and to its new home.



What’s your favorite cocktail to serve guests when entertaining at home? Champagne, always.

Can we get your famous queso dip recipe? Haha. It’s pretty easy. Purchase 1 fresh container of pico-de-gallo, 1 taco seasoning packet, one pound of turkey meat and one package of Velveeta Queso Blanco (16oz). Season and brown the meat and then cut up the velveeta into chunks and put it in a double broiler on the stove. Once the cheese melts, add the turkey meat and stir it in evenly. Then drain the liquid from the pico de gallo in a strainer and add it to the dip. Stir and let simmer for thirty minutes and then serve with tostada scoops chips.

What’s the most recent thing someone did that really impressed you? An employee of mine recently had special cookies made that look identical to the cover of the Escape book and it was so touching! Sometimes a cookie says a lot!

What time do you typically get up in the morning and go to bed? When I’m not traveling, I like to get to bed by 10PM or even a little earlier sometimes, then I’m up and off to work out by 6 AM. I love starting the day with a challenging workout, as it really sets the tone for the rest of the day

How’s your outer space idea coming along? Haha! I love that you have done your research. I don’t have any updates as of yet but it’s certainly still something I would love to do.




Gray’s personality is just as wonderful and delightful as his colorful photos. If you aren’t familiar with him, you’ll start seeing his work everywhere. I feel so cool now having meet him and I can’t wait till my future kids realize how hip I am 😉




  • Bubby Bruin

    What a great interview. I can’t wait to get his book! As always thanks for your informative and creative posts.

    • Thank you for reading Bubby!!! This interview is definitely a highlight for me. Also, for only $28, the book is super high quality, big and so pretty! You’ll love it. Xoxo