3 Easy Tips For Planning Your Next Holiday Party

how host easy holiday party

The secret to a killer party {that leaves guests talking for days} comes down to what you do before the party! Planning and thinking strategically.

Most holiday parties never happen, simply because it’s so much work. We get bogged down with our careers; we’re secretly scared no one will show up or the thought merely escapes us.

But I’ve recently learned, it doesn’t have to be like that! Us humans have a tendency to complicate things. Well, at least I do!

Below are suggestions to ensure the best turnout and a good time, all while remaining cool as a cucumber! So spread the merriment stress free with these 3 EASY tips:

how host easy holiday party

3 Easy Tips For Planning Your Next Holiday Party



Saturday is the most competitive night for party hosting in December (there are really only 3!). And honestly, if you haven’t already let people know about your Saturday soiree, it’s probably too late. If you still insist, the trick is getting your invites out NOW. Like stop reading this and get planning. If you’re still working on the details, buy yourself time by sending out a Save The Date ASAP. This way people can pencil it in and you get a few days to work out logistics, themes, etc.


Skip the Saturday competition and host on a Friday. Not only are people ready to PAR-TAY after a long work week but it’s a lot less pressure! No one expects full blown affair when they know you’ve just come from work. Plus you get the rest of the weekend to yourself. We recommend 7:30 PM or later on a Friday. This allows plenty of time for guests to freshen up and not feel rushed. If your guests have kids, they can still put them to bed before the baby sitter arrives and make the party right on time. Easy peasy!

Tuesdays or Thursdays 

As I’ve already mentioned, the weekends book up FAST. So why not mix it up and host a cocktail party on a weekday? You know for sure your friends are free! I suggest Tuesdays or Thursdays. Tuesdays are good if you want to keep it short and sweet But my personal favorite is a Thursday! Given the next day is Friday – people still like to let loose, despite it being a weekday. Expect a high RSVP rate too because no one plans a party this day. We suggest a happy hour from 5:30 PM – 9 PM. Then let destiny take you from there.



Open House

Have you ever considered an open house? Your friends and family can pop in whenever, for as long or as little as they’d like! The creativity is endless too. Think a brunch (doughnuts, bagel wall + mimosas); lunch (basketball/football makes for easy entertainment) or early evenings before the main parties begin. It’s different and fun, making it that much more enticing to go! Since it’s a long range of time, you’ll most likely get one on one time with friends too. Versus the huge rush of people that comes with a party start time.

Go Small

Throwing a party doesn’t mean it has to be HUGE. Most people forget intimate and festive is just as exciting. The nice thing about going smaller is you can go BIGGER. Splurge on the good stuff – making it that much more special! Invite two to five girlfriends or a handful of couples over for cocktails and dessert! As they say, quality not quantity.

Go Public

Every year Sean and I “host” a holiday hotel bar crawl downtown Chicago. The hotels go ALL OUT with decor and truly gets you in the holiday spirit. And when I say host, there are no RSVP’s, anyone is welcome, you can come late, pop by for a cocktail or join for the entire time. Plus guests can bring whoever they want! Our friends look forward to it so much we had six people ask us in October when it was this year. The best part? No clean up, no planning and literally zero stress. Other ideas are brunch at a restaurant (you can probably get a free private room too!) or add some decor/party favors to a typical dinner reservation.



Your invitation sets the tone for your guests. Everyone’s email is full, so there’s nothing more exciting than actual snail mail! TIP: Send out a paper invite (even if you’re hosting a party of 3!) to start. This builds excitement! Follow up with an electronic invite. This makes for a convenient RSVP, guests get automated reminders and you don’t have to track them down.

I personally love Paper Source (shown here) because you can buy the paper and envelopes blank. Then download the template to print from home. Saves a lot of money, super easy and looks professional!


I hope you find these holiday hostess tips helpful! Are you planning a holiday party this year? What do you like to do? Any tricks of your own? Spill the beans!

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