7 Sentimental Items In Our Home

When sentiment and design come together, it’s a glorious thing.

Which is why I’m thrilled to partner on #TheLifeWeShare campaign for @properties!  #TheLifeWeShare is about bringing people together and celebrating the everyday moments that shape who we are. With each other’s help, we can find beauty every day in the communities, neighborhoods and things around us. Today I want to show you how we do this in our home!


Sean and I are forever humbled we found our first, dream home exactly where we wanted. Elmhurst is a lovely community, close to the city and the perfect place to raise a family. If it weren’t for the tenacity of our realtor, Tom Makinney {he’s AWESOME!}, and the resources behind @properties, I believe our home would have slipped through our fingers.

Thanks to @properties, we’ve lived in our house for over a year. But we all know a house is not a home until you add your own personal touch!


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Last summer, I discovered a box of vintage matches at an Elmhurst estate sale. It inspired us to start collecting them too. Each one serves as a memory of where we’ve been. My favorite one is from The Beverly Hills Hotel!



The first night of our Honeymoon, a bartender made us try a delicious rum! We recently found it at a local liquor store. Some nights we’ll mix up a rum and coke and dream of Barbados!



Instead of registering for fancy china, we wanted plates we would actually use! Not only do we eat on our monogrammed plates EVERY SINGLE DAY, they remind us of our incredible friends and family who gifted them to us for our wedding.


Did you guys know I’m from Oklahoma? My mom and dad gave us a set of wooden utensils from The Pioneer Woman’s bed and breakfast in Oklahoma. I love using them for entertaining. Knowing they’re from my childhood home, makes them that much more special.

These vintage champagne coups are my grandmother’s. I just served bubbly out of them for the Super Bowl!

We had custom linen cocktail napkins made for our closest loved ones. We love to tuck their monogrammed napkin underneath their drink when they visit.


This oil painting;s of Sean’s grandfather, Walter Salter. I think it’s SO cool! I added it to our stairway gallery wall and we can’t wait to add more art to it!



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Thank you @properties for sponsoring this post!